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Stanhope Road, St Albans

Residential | Private Housing

We have recently been appointed to develop proposals for a site in central St Albans.


The site lies within a conservation area and contains two locally listed buildings - originally houses - which have been subsequently converted into flats.

Whilst the existing buildings are neglected, they clearly contribute to the character of the street and so careful consideration and sensitivity is required to determine an appropriate design approach.

Our work has explored many options for both adaption of the existing buildings and new build schemes. A key factor in exploring a new build scheme would be ensuring a clear benefit is provided which more than outweighs the loss of the existing houses. 

We feel the most tangible benefit the site could offer for the area and St Albans in general would be a significant net increase in residential accommodation on the site, helping combat the housing shortage. The challenge lies in achieving this whilst respecting the established building heights along the street, and proposing a building/ buildings which do not appear overly imposing on the character of the street.

The answer seemed to lie in creating a basement level - and much of our work focused on how to get air and natural light into this area. Our developing proposals featured a intricate system of lightwells, which became a driving concept for the whole scheme.


Some images of early model work is included on this page, along with some of design development concerning the street elevations. 

The project has just been submitted for pre-application feedback, and we are hoping to begin the full planning application later in the year.

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