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Beaconsfield Road, Southall

Residential | Affordable Housing

This is our second project for Metropolitan Thames Valley Housing Association.  We were appointed after they had acquired the site with an existing planning permission for a 7 storey residential block containing 118 apartments.

However, from the client's perspective, there were various issues with the scheme; the unit mix being the most problematic. The majority of apartments were 1-bed, which would not be appropriate for the housing association's likely tenants. 


We therefore undertook an extensive redesign exercise to radically change the unit mix for the development. Whilst only minor changes were made to the scheme's approved footprint, through optimising the circulation and service areas we were able to significantly increase the area of accommodation space available. This created an additional 30 habitable rooms which allows for a far higher proportion of 2 and 3 bed apartments, making the development more suitable for families. 

In additional we addressed an number of buildability and fire safety issues with the consented scheme before submitting a new planning application in early 2022.

The scheme is currently on site shortly and due to complete by Christmas 2024. 

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